Use our white label bitcoin lottery platform twhich will allow you to pick a winner in an raffle type lottery or allow your users to pick winning numbers. Learn more below.


Learn more about the various features of our whitelabel bitcoin lottery platform below.

bitcoin betting platform


Using our whitelabel platform you can decide if you would like to draw one or more winners in a raffle style lottery. Your website users will use bitcoins to buy “points” which will allow them to purchase entries to your lottery. Each time a user enters a draw they will be automatically issued a unique ticket number. Once the lottery has been finalized you can select x number of ticket numbers to select as winners. Winners are drawn at random. The winners can be paid by either lump sum or based on a points formula set by you. For example, you could choose to give 80% of the points pool to the winner and keep 20% for yourself.


Allowsing your site users to select their own winning numbers is one fo the most common and familiar lottery types. At a end of a lottery x number of winning numbers can be drawn from a range set by you. You can then select how many numbers to draw and how many points each user will recieve based on the number of correct picks.


Our white label lottery platform comes with many built in cusomizable features. However, in order to ensure fair game standards we’ve also had to impose intentional limitations in order to ensure a fair game. For example:

  • You are not able to customize the random number generator.
  • Administrators can not select the winner of a lottery or the winning numbers.
  • Lottery entries can not be altered. They can only be deleted or refunded.
  • Lottery entries can only be deleted / refunded while the lottery has started. Once the winner or winning numbers have been drawn, no further changes can be made.


Our white label lottery platform comes filled with many great features, most of which you can see in our demo. However, below you´ll find a short list of a few additional features that admins will have.

  • Admins set how many winners to draw.
  • Determine how many points each winner gets.
  • Allow purchase of one or multiple lottery entries.
  • Select how many lottery winners to draw.
  • Set how many points each winner gets.
  • Option to allow purchase of one or multiple entries.
  • And much more!


Selling lottery is a great way to earn a profit. The house always wins on each bet. As the site admin you can experiment with our easy to use formulas to come up with a split with your winners. For example, you could select to give your winners 50% of the lottery pool leaving the other 50% for you, The formula you set is easy to edit in the admin area of your website. It’s a foolproof business model.


Our whitelable bitcoin lottery website allows you to fully customize the look and feel of your website. Think of our platform as a blank canvas that you can paint however you like. Using our easy to use front-end editor you can simply drag and drop design elements where you would like them.

front end page builder


A/B testing allows you to increase your site’s conversion rate (CR) and unlock hidden revenue by comparing multiple versions of your bitcoin lottery website against each other to see which one helps you get more lottery submissions. Visitors (without knowing it) are diverted to slightly different versions of a page and their behavior is recorded using a statistical engine. You can test variations of anything: images, headlines, text, videos, buttons, colors and so on. A/B testing helps you validate seemingly subjective design choices by statistically grading them. So while your competition is relying on guesswork and “mere opinion” you can let data make the call. It’s not uncommon to see 100% conversion rate increases using A/B testing.


Optin forms and popups help you capture the email addresses of valuable leads. Often entrepreneurs in the lottery niche offer site visitors free tickets, free points or other premium content in exchange for the visitor signing up for their newsletter. At KoCurrency we’ve found that newsletter subscribers are 5X more valuable than a regular website visitor. These people are much more likely to purchase a lottery ticket on your site and therefore we want to help you capture as many leads as possible. In order to do this we allow you to A/B test variations of your optin forms and popups to see which ones help you grow your subscriber list quicker.


Having a built-in affiliate program running on your site allows you to recruit a team of thought leaders and influencers within your niche and incentivize them to help you promote your website by offering them a commission if they help refer you traffic that converts into sign ups or lottery ticket purchases. You only pay the commission if they help you make a sale. It’s like having a team of performance based employees. Affiliates can sign up on your site and then (after you approve them) they will have access to their very own affiliate dashboard where they can monitor their performance (visits, clicks, sales and commissions) in real time.


Lead tracking is built into our system allowing you to make smarter decision on where to invest your time and marketing dollars. You’ll likely be promoting your betting website on various channels (social, search, blogs, forums etc) and you’ll need to know which one performs the best for you. With our system every time a bet is placed on your site, a profile for that user is created which will reverse engineer their behavior since their first visit! Not only will you be able to see the channel that referred them to your site, you’ll also see every interaction that took place (i.e. pages visited, referring traffic source, abandoned carts and payments). This allows you to fix any “visitor funnel” problems as well as identify your most valuable marketing channels.